I Created a Salesforce Account via Salesforce REST API

First thing this morning, I created my first Salesforce Account via REST API.



What is REST API?

In short, it’s an API based on RESTful principles. In simple terms, it’s a way for two systems or applications to interact with one another.


What do APIs have to do with marketing?

Well, if you’re in marketing operations or marketing technology, APIs are super important and valuable to know.

cms marketing automation api

Let’s say you have a website with a form and that form is native to or built within your CMS (content management system). And when someone enters that form, you want the submitted data to flow into your marketing automation platform. Your marketing automation platform will likely have an API that will allow you to do that. Essentially, it will allow your website to interact or communicate with your marketing automation platform.

Similarly, if instead you wanted the form submission data to flow first into your CRM, like Salesforce, you could do that too using one of Salesforce’s APIs.


Salesforce REST API

In the above screenshot, I did a simple post and created a Salesforce Account (outside of the platform) using Salesforce’s REST API. I did this via the Use REST API module, which is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification Trailmix. Feel free to try it out yourself! It’s free and isn’t hard.

You don’t have to be a developer to play around with technology. And that’s the thing I really enjoy as a marketer. I’m constantly learning new things and new technologies, and never getting bored.

If you’re looking to manage and optimize your marketing operations and marketing technology platforms, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud (or Hubspot or Marketo or other MAPs), and have them work effectively with your other business systems, feel free to reach out.

End-to-end marketing is my specialty. Growth is my business.

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